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Future Stars BLL Season V All Star Games are Scheduled at the Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Pa. January 23, 2022 - Riptide vs. Wings / All Star Roster to be announced January 6, 2022.


Rules: World Lacrosse Rules w/ US Lacrosse Age-Appropriate Rules. 4'x4′9" goals for HS & MS Divisions. 4'x4' goals for 5th-6th Grade & 4th-Grade Divisions. All players must play with a short stick. Goalies will play with Box Goalie Equipment. 30-second shot clocks. Four 12-minute periods (Running Time). NO FIGHTING OR FOUL LANGUAGE (Violators will be ejected from the league with NO REFUND).

B.I.L.L. SEASON XXXVI Returns To Play September 21,2021

B.I.L.L. 2021 SEASON XXXVI Powered by the PSL

Sponsored by USA Lacrosse

USA Lacrosse

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  • Premier Series Lacrosse Vision: 

  •  “We Play for those who Protect our Freedom.”

  • Premier Series Lacrosse Mission:
    To honor, support and bring awareness to the brave men and women who serve our country in the armed forces and for those who have fought for our FREEDOM and LIBERTY, through the platform of box lacrosse. 
  • Founded: July 4, 2015
    Premier Series Lacrosse is a 501(c)3